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Custom models, automated decisioning and access to Trust Science proprietary data. Welcome to Credit Bureau 2.0®.

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Impactful Results to Your Underwriting

Increase Loan Originations

Identify more creditworthy thin and no-file credit customers.


Decrease Risk Of Defaults

Better insights into thin and no-file borrowers minimizes risk of defaults.


Improve Lending Profitability

Decrease operating expenses via Straight-Through Processing.

Automate your Decisioning Process

Use our best-in-class models and patented methods to integrate into one or multiple steps in your decisioning process. You’ll get reliable predictions that can give you more accurate information about potential borrowers.

Plus you’ll gain a reliable way to score credit invisible or thin-file applicants.

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Adjust & Adapt Based on Your Borrowers and Your Business

Our models are based on the data trifecta. We don’t JUST use your data. We use aggregate market data as well as Trust Science proprietary data. Our difference is clear with 32 patents and counting. We evolve our models so you can adapt to changing market dynamics.

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Your Own FinTech Platform

We enable your digital transformation through your own FinTech Platform. You can digitize your entire process, from leads to lending. Your employees can set the criteria and attributes desired, plus offer consumers a front-end digital service.

And you’ll be able to get better analysis and interpretation of data, augment target profiles and make better lending decisions.


Bryan Smith

VP Sales & Marketing, Inovatec

"Simple and powerful results for a more complete risk assessment of the individual."


Mark Eleoff

CEO, Eden Park Inc.

"Trust Science has proven themselves to be innovative, value-added, and very customer-centric in working with us to improve our credit decisions."

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